What is Premium?

Premium is an exciting NEW category of popular and exclusive shows that are available on a "pay-to-view" basis.

Our regular shows remain free to view on Tonton- don’t worry! But now you have the opportunity to access a much larger library of the videos and choose to Buy and Watch instantly, right from the comfort of your home.

It’s the start of something very exciting, and over the next few days and weeks we'll be adding LOTS more to Premium, including fabulous Local Movies, International Movies, Show Packages and Full Seasons of all-time TV favourites.

Buying Content

1. How to buy?
Tonton uses ‘Credits’, which are like tokens. Once you have bought some Credits you can use them to instantly buy and watch shows on Tonton. There are 2 simple ways to buy a show – 'Buy Now' and 'Shopping Cart'. To see step-by-step guides to using each method, click here.
2. What’s the difference between free and premium?
Tonton is still free. Lots of our shows will be free forever and most regular shows will be free for 30 days before becoming premium.
3. Once I buy a video, is it mine?
A 'purchase' on Tonton gives you streaming access to that show for a period of time. It is yours to watch on Tonton as many times you want for the access period you pay for. There will be different access periods for different shows. The default is ONE (1) month viewing time. Don’t worry; there will be a reminder so you will know how long the content will be available to you.
4. Can I buy and watch videos from overseas?
You can buy Credits and shows from outside Malaysia. BUT, some shows will be blocked due to licensing restrictions. To see which videos are available in your region, DO check out its info details on its thumbnail. Tonton is not liable for shows bought outside Malaysia which are blocked due to license terms.
5.How much will it cost?
For Tonton Credits, 1 Credit is equal to RM1. A typical premium single episode will cost 1 Credit for 1 full month access. Some shows may cost a little bit more, as will full seasons, movies and other packages.

Buying Credits

1. What are credits?
Credits are like tokens. You use these 'Credits' to purchase shows on Tonton.
2. How much are they?
1 Credit is equal to RM1.
3. What does 1 credit get me?
1 Credit gives you access to stream an episode or show, as many times as you like, for a limited period of time. Usually this access period is 1 month.
4. How do I buy them?
You can easily purchase or top-up your Credits on Tonton by clicking on the Buy Credits link. We currently support credit cards, debit cards and direct-debit from your bank account. Credits are available from just RM10 and we’ll be adding support for more payment methods over time
5. How safe is it?
Malaysian law safeguards online transactions through some very strict regulations! Credit purchases must use Secure, Encrypted, Bank-approved connections and the Bank’s own transaction pages. Tonton fully complies with these regulations and does not store or retain your confidential banking details or information.
6. Do Credits expire?
Credits are valid for SIX (6) months after purchase. If you do not buy any premium video in that period, your Credits will expire. To extend the life of your Credits, watch a premium video! Buying extra Credit does not extend your original Credit’s life.
7. Where can I find out how much Credits I have?
When you login to Tonton; you will see the new premium bar near the top of the screen. It will tell you how many Credits you have and a quick link to topping up Credits if you want more. You can also manage your Credits through your Dashboard by going to My Profile > My Credits. This is the place to check how much you have available, how many Credits you have used, and if any of your Credits have expired.
8. Can someone else buy them for me?
For security reasons, Credits are currently non-transferable.
9. What if I have problems with my Credits?
If you have any problems with your Credits or need help during your shopping – give us a call at 03 7726 6333 extension 3011 or 3121 – Monday to Friday between 10am and 2am. You can also tweet us at www.twitter.com/asktonton (@asktonton) or @tontonMY. Tonton also manages a Facebook page for users and friends at www.facebook.com/asktonton, so drop us a line there too.
10. What if I want my money back?
Tonton has a ‘no cash-refund’ policy. However Credits will be given back if, after investigation, there have been certain technical errors on our side, or if you have bought Credits and not received them. Do call our customer service team, speak to Jia, Amin or Najmi for more help.

Premium Shows

What shows are the Premium ones?
You can quickly see which shows are Premium items by the ‘shopping cart’ icon or the ‘buy’ ribbon on the video image. To browse all the Premium shows, click the Premium link on the Tonton home page. This will display JUST the Premium shows available on Tonton. However, Premium shows will also appear amongst the Free shows in other menus – like CHANNEL/TV3 or SHOWS/Drama menus.
How often does Tonton have new shows?
Tonton has new videos appearing every day of the year! New shows and new episodes are uploaded daily and they appear in the Latest tab on the Tonton landing page.
Can I buy 1 episode or can I buy a whole season?
Right now, you can buy episodes individually. As long as you have credits in your account, you can purchase the Premium videos you want to watch in just 2 ‘clicks’. Very soon, you’ll will be able to buy the full season of your favourite shows at discounted rates, purchase Local and Hollywood movies or watch old favourites just when you want them.

Easy steps for registering your Maybankard Visa Debit and CIMB Card for online shopping

Using Maybank Debit Visa Card?
Make sure you have registered your card with Maybank Secure Registration first. This will activate your card for online shopping.

Using CIMB Visa Card?
Make sure you have registered your card with CIMB Clicks first. This will activate your card for online shopping.

How to buy Credits

How to buy Videos


Getting started with Tonton

- Registration

I am already a member of TV3, 8TV, ntv7, TV9, Gua – do I need to register for TonTon?

No. If you are already signed up for our portals, you are automatically a member of Tonton. If it is the first time logging in to Tonton, you will be asked to change and save a new password. This happens only once.

What do I need to register?

You need a real and valid email account. It is really important that you use this email as we will send a validation link to your account. You will need to click the link and sign in to complete your registration.

- Logging into Tonton

New Login

If you are coming in from the activation email link you will taken to the home page of the website you registered with. Click Login and enter in your username and password to complete your registration.

Normal Login

Click login, enter in your username and password

Login Problems

Finding it tough to register or log in? Email us straight away at contactus@altmedia.my. We will get back to you ASAP. The more information you provide, the quicker we can solve your problem. When emailing please include:
- Site originally registered on
- Username
- Full name
- Did you get your verification email and have you activated your account?
- Contact number

- Minimum Specs

To best enjoy our site, we recommend the minimum requirements: Connection Speed

Our videos stream between 200kbps to 2Mb and to get the best quality we recommend a broadband connection of a minimum of 512kbps and for those on 2Mb or more, rock on! Sorry, if you are on dial-up you will not be able to watch our videos.

You can also test your Internet download connection using www.speedtest.net. Just click on the yellow star and it will begin. Once complete, it will show your download speeds.

Tonton dictionary:
Stream: A stream is a non-stop stream of data that is plays as soon as it arrives at your player. You do not need to download the video first.


We love Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox 3+ (latest is 5)

You can also use:
Internet Explorer7+ (latest is 9)
Safari 2+ (latest is 5)
Chrome 3+
Opera 6+ (latest is 11.11)

Screen Resolution

1024 X 768 or greater

Video Players

Adobe Flash Player 10+

Cookies & JavaScript

These should be enabled

- Browsing Tonton

How to search?

Tonton couldn't be easier to to use. Easily defined, we have the main listing on the left. It's divided into Channels / Shows / Movies / Premium /Schedule and Playlists. Just click on the link and you will be taken to pages that use big thumbnails and simple links to get you watching pretty fast.

Even easier, we have the latest videos right on the bottom of the page. Flick through the tabs for the Latest, Most Popular, Recommendations, and once you are logged in, your favourite videos.

For Premium content, you can either go straight to Premium or navigate to your favourite channel such as TV3 or ntv7, premium videos will also be there.

- Overseas Viewers

I see the message 'This video is not available in my region.' What does this mean?

Most of the content on Tonton is currently only available for Malaysian viewers. To cater for international demand, Buletin Utama and selected top programs remain open for our overseas audience. If you see the message 'This video is not available for your region', our geo-block technology recognizes your location and you will not be able to view this content.

Our plan is to increase the number of content available for our overseas users and we will alert all members once this happens. To know whether this content is available for your region; please check the program information.

- Technical Stuff

The video keeps stopping to buffer, what can I do?

Those annoying stops and starts are usually due to network congestion, meaning there's not enough bandwidth to stream the video you want. Buffering is when the video server stores data to the buffer for a few seconds so that if your network slows, it will continue to play. At TonTon, our videos use dynamic Multi-Bitrate streaming to make the most of your user experience. This means, if your bandwidth is not enough to stream video files, it will automatically adjust to suit your bandwidth needs. And it will do it without you needing to do anything!

If your internet connection is really slow and your video has that spinning circle, chose your own bitrate instead of the standard 'auto'. We give you 6 bitrates that will suit most broadband speeds. Start with the lowest and adjust the rates to suit. Click on th video player next to (i),

Check your net connection and the speeds that you are receiving. Our videos are compressed between 214 – 2192kbps so a 512kbps Internet connection technically should be fine as long as you aren't on P2P applications (they eat up bandwidth), gaming, chat applications or downloading through other sites. Close those first if having problems.

Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

TM Streamyx and Celcom Broadband: 100
Jaring: 603 8991 7080
Time: 603 2730 5287
Digi Broadband: 016 299 3333 (Helpline)
P1 Wimax: 1-300-800-888
Celcom Broadband: 1300 111 000

Call the above ISP's if you are expecting a higher bitrate but are not receiving it. There could be problem with your connection or known network congestion in your area.

No Sound?

Make sure your audio is not on mute and that you have the latest codecs for your player. We recommend this for the latest codec list.

Sound plays too fast

Does the audio sound like a chipmunk? Try updating your flash player or reinstalling it again. The latest Adobe Flash Player update is version 10. If you have earlier versions, this may result in the distorted audio. To get your update click here.

Frequent user tip

One option is to click pause and let the video download before clicking play. Have patience. Hot episodes, like live finals or last episodes of the season might have a lot of people clicking on the links to watch. Remember our videos use Multi-Bitrate streaming so the video stream will adapt to your internet connection at the time.

Incomplete Content

If you experience problems with the content itself, such as bad audio, incomplete videos, or pixilated video, please email us immediately at contactus@altmedia.my with the programme and episode number and error experienced. We will attend to this matter immediately.

- Help!

Who can help me?

If you have any problems with your credits or need help anytime during your time on Tonton – give us a call at 03 7726 6333 extension 3011 or 3121 – Monday to Friday between 10am and 2am.

You can also tweet us at twitter.com/asktonton or tontonMY. Tonton also manages a Facebook page for users and friends at www.facebook.com/asktonton and www.facebook.com/tontonmy drop us a line there too.

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